Tshakhuma Holiday Tournament 2013

The end of the year. People are spending time with their families. Schools are closed, and the youth are roaming around. A perfect set up for a two-week tournament. That is what we did in Tshakhuma, Limpopo from 20 December until 4 January 2014.

Mavu’s role is to assist the local sport council in the improvement and growth of their organization for this community tournament.

Junior Soccer teams competed in two categories, and their battles where on a good level. However, in future we would like to see more teams involved in this annual tournament.

The senior Soccer teams where much better prepared for their survival of the fittest. In two groups they fought for 1st and 2nd place to enter the semi finals. And only the best competed in the finals. That particular final ended up being so competitive, with a crowd of over 3000 people, that it had to be replayed a couple of days later. Again in front of 2000 spectators, Maweja FC won the trophy for the second consecutive time.

However, last year more sporting codes being played. It shows that such a community tournament is only a reflection of what is out there, and who is involved. A increasing involvement during the entire year will support all developments.

Through this tournament we managed to keep the community busy, active and brought them together. The organization got more involvement from other teams than last year, and there is a positive attitude towards working together in setting up more tournaments for sustainable development. The main focus are therefore the juniors.


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