SANEC interview with Bram – Mavu’s COO

What is the core business of your company? 

We develop sports and close the gap between grassroots and elite. We implement programs that centre around capacity building, to create sustainable sport development. In rural communities or disadvantaged urban areas.


How would you describe the unique concept to holistic sport development that Mavu runs?

It’s easy to show you this in the example of Justice Makhale. A young boy who grew up in one of the most rural and mountainous villages of Limpopo. At the age of 22 he pushed Mavu’s founder Kenneth Neluvhalani to donate him a bike. Justice enrolled in competitions and ended up the first black cyclist entering the world cup and commonwealth games, signing contracts with MTN and Exxaro. He currently is an instrumental developmental coach in South African mountainbiking. It is these small opportunities that one gives to people who have passion that can change a life, and a community…….


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