Meet a Mavu COACH


Mavu literally took Bra Socks (Thompani Mutheiwana) off the streets from Ha-Masia 3 years ago. Last week, he was facilitating a Basketball training session of our own coaches.

Bra Socks embodies what Mavu wants to achieve.

His passion for sport drives him on a daily basis to the court. Even during weekends. Sports has become his life.

He is passionate about tennis; any SA volleyball team should be willing for him to join their team; he is a crucial soccer player for his local SAB team; and recently he has also joined a basketball team in Limpopo.

Through Mavu he has travelled to Gauteng and North West, has been aired on radio, learned new sporting codes, won a set of soccer boots for his team, and has become a player of various codes. His father, a local chief, has let us know he is proud of him, and most importantly: everywhere in his place, he is now being recognized and addressed as: COACH!

We want to comment him for his work and believe he will be in the industry for a long time!