MAVU is founded in 2011, based upon an idea inspired by the life story of Justice Makhale.

Justice became the first black athlete to participate in a World Cup Mountain Biking. As a son of a farmer he grew up in Venda, South Africa. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, hot sun, red soil and green nature. His passion was cycling. At home, resources and opportunities were little. He used to exchange his fathers mangos with a friend to ride his bike. When he grew older he wanted to join a competition, but had no bike. MAVU’s founder Kenneth Neluvhalani got Justice a bike when he found out about this dedicated athlete. Six months later Justice joined his first overseas competition in Germany. A story of success was born…

The Logo The Venda meaning of MAVU is ‘Soil’. The logo’s red represents the soil that grows any potential seed to a green full-grown tree or plant. Potential seeds feed themselves with the blue water that runs down Africa’s beautiful mountaintops. The hot sun that rises every morning accelerates and nurtures the process instantly. The trees and plants keep on growing and new seeds are falling off into the fertile soil. The strength of MAVU lies within its combination of sport and education.

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