The Team

We believe in People. And we believe in Passion. When there is passion, everything is possible. That is why we work with people who are passionate to develop sport and add value to their respective communities.


Kenneth Neluvhalani

Sport awards 2011 TUKS

Kenneth is the founder of MAVU. For a long time his dream was to set up an organization that creates opportunities for people with potential. Born in Tshakhuma, a rural Venda village, Kenneth understands how it is to be disadvantaged. With MAVU he realizes this dream creating a platform. He finished his degree in BA Human Movement Science in 1993 at the University of Limpopo.

Kenneth also holds a post graduate diploma in Higher Education and a diploma in Management Development Program. Kenneth has a long history in sport development. As a football manager of the University of Pretoria he is currently making sure TUKS Football is the most professional development club of Africa.He started his career as a lecturer in Physical Education and Sport Management at Makhado College. He went on to be a provincial coordinator for a sports development organization.

In 2001 Kenneth joined The University of Pretoria as a sports manager and soon became the overal Football manager. From 2003 till 2007 he was the general secretary of the South African Taekwnondo Federation. From 2004 untill 2008 Kenneth served as a board member of Cycling South Africa. Kenneth is as a volunteer CEO responsible for the execution of the strategy and fundraising activities. He lives in Centurion with his wife and three kids.


Bram van Wijck

Bram pasfoto aug 2011

Bram joined MAVU from the very beginning. Inspired by Kenneths ideas of MAVU they both are responisble for the founding essentials of the organization. Bram has a passion for development. Born and raised in a sport crazy family in The Netherlands, his destiny was to study a Bachelor in Physical Education like many other of his family members. Bram followed that up by starting his career as a Physical Education teacher.

His relationship with South Africa began in 2005 while working as the first sport development worker in the rural township Bankhara Bodulong, Northern Cape. Bram finished his MBA degree in Sport Management at the Sport Management Institute in Groningen. His final thesis was about sport development.

Bram worked at the Oldenzaal sport department for 5 years and was a consultant for several organizations. Bram is as COO responsible for all MAVU operations.  He lives in Johannesburg with his partner and their 1 year old daughter.

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