Vision & Mission

With Mavu we introduce school sport, establish and coordinate competitions, and assist in organizing community events.  We also support individual athletes who are in need of support, and facilitate workshops for coaches. In any case, we add value to South Africa’s existing structures, but stand out because of our main focus on the disadvantaged (rural) areas and individuals.


To be a leading South African organization with international credibility; focused on sport development, sport management and winning tomorrow’s people.

We are dedicated to guide our participants towards their maximum potential in sports and in life, by igniting passion and creating opportunities from grassroots to high performance.

Values & Principles
We are driven by: Focus, Passion, Integrity, Outcomes, the Accumulation and sharing of Knowledge

Within 3 years the first athletes that come out of our projects are performing on the elite level, and our sport development programs are running independently within 7 years. The rest of our objectives center around the three main programs.

Target group & Area
MAVU aims to target people from all walks of life. More specific, to those communities and individuals who are disadvantaged due to the lack of financial or informational resources. We do reach out to the most rural communities as well.

Separated target groups for each of the 3 programs

Grassroots development

Schoolsport: Primary school: grade 5 – Grade 7 Children (8 – 12) Secondary school: grade 8 – grade 12 Youth (13 – 18)
Community sports: All community member participants All (8 – 65+ ) Coaches, parents and leaders Adults (18 – 35)  Elite sports

Elite management

Elite athletes  (14-35) from a disadvantaged background in terms of lack of finances, informational recourses or lack of proper support.

Institutional Development

Capacity building Youth and young adults Adults (18 – 35) – Collective Leadership Youth and young adults Adults (18 – 35) Geographic Communities and individuals all over South Africa

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