Our Ambassadors are individuals who want to give back. Whether they are excelling in their studies, in their career or when they are elite athletes. They are South African examples and role models for many others. And above all, they ve got a passion for MAVUs work. Check the video and the profiles to get a better understanding.

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Justice Makhale

Justice his life story has been the inspiration to set up MAVU. As one of South Africa’s developed his passion for it. When only 22 years old he owned his first bike, provided by MAVU founder Kenneth Neluvhalani. That gave him the opportunity to enter his first competition. The 94.7 race in Pretoria. 6 months later he was riding in Germany. Justice is the first black person ever to enter a World Cup and the Common Wealth games. A huge achievement. Justice still belongs to the top of South Africa�s cyclists. Currently he is sponsored by Exxaro mining and is trying to qualify for the Olympics in London. He lives in Pretoria.topmountainbikers Justice is an example for every youngster in this country. He had no opportunities. But he had the passion! And that made him the prson who he is today. Born in a rural Venda village Gabo, justice learned to ride a bike by borrowing his friends bicycle. The surroundings were challenging him. The mountains and rivers were perfect to practice his cycling skills.

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Simphiwe Dludlu

Simphiwe is one of South Africa s greatest soccer stars, and biggest ambassadors for the sport. She is a former Banyana Banyana captain with 49 caps. Because of her strong attitude and her capacity to be very talkative, the born in Alexandra lady promotes the sport as well on as off the field. Her drive for giving back to the community is one of her latest blessings. Simphiwes biggest dream is to be the first coach for the Banyana U12 girls team. As the first family member who ever entered a Universilty she recently finished her sport science degree at the University of Pretoria. Simphiwe won the 2010 TUKS Sports woman of the year award and is the runer op of South African best player of 2010. Currently, she is a player, coach for the first TUKS ladies team and a junior team. When Simphiwe is not busy with soccer she likes to meet people and do motivational talks.

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Keneilwe Mathibela

Keneilwe is a soccer star! She is a former South African captain for the national soccerteam and has got 38 caps. It was unfortunately for her soccer career that because of an injury she had to quit soccer for a while. But now she is on her way back to fulfill her dream to become the worlds best female soccer player. Born in Vereeniging she was playing soccer to keep herself off the street. It was only later when people started to appreciate her skills that she became aware that she had a talent. She exploited that talent by combining her soccer development with studying at the HPC and later the University. Her injury was somehow a blessing as she grew her personal and social skills. While recovered she now is involved in soccer as a player/assistant coach for the TUKS in the ABSA league and she is the captain for the USSA league. She finished a BA degree in Sport Science. In her spare time Keneilwe likes to sing and to enable others to grow.

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Simon-Peter Lebeya

Nakampe Simon-Peters passion for sport is intense. He quit law school to study Sport Science because he wanted to do what he liked most. As one of the best Wits Club hockey players of 2009, and a former Gauteng provincial player, Simon knows what its like to play sports on high level. But his dream is to coach a soccer team somewhere in the world. He now coaches a TUKS junior team and is the U18 team manager. Simon is an International Golden Key Honour Society Member. He lives in Edenglen, Johannesburg. In his spare time you will find Simon playing soccer, hockey and athletics and watching movies and playing FIFA 12. Simon-Peter is an ambassador for MAVU because of his dedication towards education and sports and he has a passion for helping people to achieve their goals.

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Cindy-Leigh Meyer

Cindy-Leigh is currently in Canada, playing for a university soccer team and doing financial business studies. The Cape Town born grew up playing soccer together with her father. His coaching and passion made her think about nothing else than soccer. Cindy finished her Sport Science degree in Cape Town and is doing her Honors at the University of Pretoria. Cindy was a defender for the TUKS ladies team and played for USSA. She loves sport and is passionate about her religion, and wants to share her own experience and wisdom with others. She wants to guide teenagers and stimulate their general well being.

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Bhekumuzi Maluleke

Bhekumuzi is a young talented Bodybuilder from White City Jabavu in Soweto. He is a two time South African WBBF junior under 23 Champion. He competes in competitions all over the country. Bhekumuzi was even invited by the International Amateur competition in Vienna, Austria. Bhekumuzi lives with his mom in Soweto. Like every boy in the city he was involved in Soccer. He then got injured and saw a Mens Health magazine that inspired him to become a bodybuilder. Now Bhekumuzi lives according to what he calles the Three Ds. Dedication, Dieting and Discipline. He is living a passionate life that is all about improvement and development. Bhekumuzi is in his third year of Sport Science at the University of Pretoria. This study is part of his plan to become the best in his sport, because it makes him understand the fundamentals of physiology. Bhekumuzi his long term goal is to help other upcoming athletes to understand the importance of sport and education. In his spare time he is reading articles about Bodybuilding. For him, the passion is what differentiates winners.

Tintswalo Vasta Mhlongo

Vasta is a Netball player. She recently went to the All African Games with the national team. She is from a small township in Limpopo called Nkowankowa. She started playing netball at age 12 at Hudson Ntsanwisi senior secondary school in 2001 and was in the first team until matric 2005. after school she played for NCR a local team of which she is still part until this day. She also was part of the Proteas A selection and the national USSA team in 2011. Vasta has got many awards for being a great center. Many of them she received in major tournaments. She finished her sport science degree recently. In her spare time Vasta likes to coach local teams. She currently lives in Pretoria with her boyfriend.

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Burrel John Matlala

Burrel is a pure soccer administrator. Born in rural Limpopo, Tsimenyane, he was raised by a father who worked in a sport environment. Since he was young his life existsed of soccer and soccer only. When he was five years old Burrel was a ball boy for the Orlando Pirates. He volunteered in a lot of sporting events. Currently Burrel is a football manager for the Spartak university team that plays in the Castle League. He is doing his final year of Sport Science. After his degree Burrel would like to work in the sport development structures, so that he contributes to improving the level of development. In his spare time Burrel is even living soccer, as he likes to play the game on the field as on the game consol.

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Masana Maqabe

Masana graduated with a degree in Sport Science from the University Pretoria in 2011 and will be furthering her studies with an Honours degree in Sport Management and Recreation in 2012, still at the University of Pretoria. She played netball on a recreational level. Masana is currently working with the National First Division AmaTuks team on an administration capacity. She love football and sport! In her spare time you will find Masana watching, or following football. Pretty Mosoane Pretty has got a life long passion for soccer since she used to watch soccer when he was very little. Her dream is to play for the ladies national team one day. She is working hard to accomplish that dream. Pretty is studying at the university of Pretoria. Originially from the agricultural village Brits in the North West, she started to play soccer at the age of 8. She played for the girls and boys teams alike. It didnt matter her. She just wanted to improve her skills. She as got a passion for sport.

Sport awards 2011 TUKS

Boitumelo Lekalekala

Boitumelo is an ambassador with a smile. She is involved in stydying sports because she loves sport in general. Her dream is to work for SAFA one day. She was elected as the chairperson of the campus residence football league in 2011. As the first family member ever to enter a University Boitumelo is going to make everyone proud by getting her degree in Sport Science this year at the University of Pretoria. Boitumelo is a player for the TUKS ladies team that plays in the SASOL league. In her spare time you find her reading books or listening to gospel music.

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Jarred Uys

Jarred has got an incredible life experience for somebody his age. He recently made a career switch and followed his heart towards sports. But as a youngster he went to Hollywood as one of the Emmy Award nominees for his acting role in a American Television Series. The Cape Town born started acting from as young as 2 years old. Troughout his youth he has played in several movies, television series and commercials. From age 5 he plays sport, starting with cricket and soccer. SInce 2005 he totally on soccer only. Mainly as a coach and administrator. Since 2008 he is a coach of the girls team at Glenstantia Primary School. Jarred also manages teams at the University of Pretoria. Jarred is a dedicated and passionate second year student in Sport Science and always eager to learn. That’s why his personality and skills fit perfectly with and ambassadors role for MAVU.

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Gecibile Nompumelelo Maseko

Gecibile is a rugby player for the Golden Lions in Johannesburg. She is in her final year studying BA sport science at the University of Pretoria and is part of the ladies soccer team. She is passionate to make something out of her life as she is the first family member that entered a university program. Gecibile is born in Middleberg and grew up in her fathers country Swaziland. She moved back to South Africa with her mom and 2 brothers and 1 sister, where she matriculated in Shammah, near Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. She started playing netball but discovered her talent for rugby once in University. In her free time you can find Gecibile coaching others.

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Ofentse Matlala

Ofentse grew up in a Pretoria suburb and soon went to the UK where her mother was working. She developed a passion for dancing and went to competitions once back in South Africa. Ofentse likes to be part in sports on every level. She is currently studying Sport Science. When finished she wants to do honors in Psychology. You can find Ofentse playing soccer with the TUKS football team as well as coaching and

managing the game. Her dream is to once open her own sport academy. In her spare time you find Ofentse reading, dancing and listening to music.

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Sibusiso Mahlangu

Sibusiso is the physical trainer of the University of Pretoria First Division Team, the AmaTuks. He is dedicated to get the players fit for every match and get the maximum out of the players abilities. He got involved in sports from as young as 6 years old. At his high school in Pretoria he was playing soccer and rugby. Entering university he studied psychology first, until he discovered that it wasnt not something that made him really passionate. That�s when he enrolled into sport science, and he has never looked back ever since. He is also the head strength and conditioning coach and Tuks Academy as well as the National Development Team known as Amabeneplas. Recently he had a unique experience when travelling to Palestina for a friendly match. The trip included a meeting the Palistinian Leader president Assad.

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Selekedi Mogale

Selekedi Mogale hails from Brakpan on the East Rand, Gauteng. He has a deep love for God and acknowledges that he could not achieve what has without Jesus Christ. He has been involved in many sporting codes, including hockey, chess, soccer, squash, tennis, basketball, cricket, swimming and athletics in high school. He excelled in hockey and soccer. The love for soccer then took over at University level. Coaching is a passion for him, he is amongst the junior coaching staff at the Tuks football club. This future intellectual and sport passionate is a well spoken man, has a strong personality, kind and passionate about the various journeys he takes on in life. He believes in empowering others and giving them an opportunity. He stands by the saying of: If you can change your mind then you can change your future. Selekedi is studying sport science at the University of Pretoria where he resides in a house full of soccer players and coaches.

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